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Get your Lily White badge to celebrate the 1917 Great Strike Centenary

Jun 22, 2017Loco Express News

As part of the Centenary celebrations of the 1917 Great Strike, Unions NSW has produced a stunning union badge to commemorate the courage of the unionists who remained on strike for six  weeks in defiance of Government threats and intimidation.

The causes of the strike had their roots in the decline of the value of wages as prices escalated. Australia was split as a result of the anti- conscription referendum and the death and injuries of soldiers escalated due to the carnage on the western front. Simmering grievances among locomotive crews included daily shift limits, call outs and no waiting time payments.

The commemorative badge is a replica of the badge produced to commemorate the solidarity of the Lilywhites, those unionists who didn’t buckle but stayed the course for duration of the strike. The lily flower represents the purest of the pure, the Lily White unionists  will be forever etched in our history as trade union heroes. Their spirits were never crushed even though thousand lost their jobs, were downgraded and many battled for reinstatement for over seven years.

The original badge is enclosed by a distinctive century arc and is attached to sturdy cardboard replica of memorable aspects of the Strike.

On one side is the original work card of political firebrand Eddie Ward, member for Sydney from 1932 to 1960. His job card clearly registers that he was dismissed by government proclamation. The other side of the card contains a replica of the front page of the Striker, which was produced by unions, during the course of the Strike.

Get your Lily White union badge:

The badges are for sale at $10 each – you can pick yours up at the RTBU Pitt Street front reception.

At this stage we have 100 for sale so get in quickly!

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