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Free Wi-Fi rolled out on 50 Sydney buses

Jan 9, 2017Bus Express News

Commuters on Sydney ferries have been using free Wi-Fi for years, and now those who travel by bus can experience the same service, with the STA installing WIFI on 50 buses across the city.

Passengers will access free WIFI on board the bus, by downloading an app called ‘Catch’.

However the NSW Greens are concerned the deal between the State Government and a private advertising company to provide free wifi on Sydney’s public buses may put commuter privacy at risk, whilst the STA is refuting the allegation.

Transport NSW rolled out free Wi-Fi trial on 50 its pink CATCH branded buses on routes from the city to Bondi, Leichardt, Waverly, Northern Beaches and Ryde.

If the trial is successful, up to 1000 buses across Sydney could be fitted with Wi-Fi by the end of the year.

Read more in the ABC here.

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