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Focus on Staff Security

Jun 5, 2014News

Following a spate of incidents where NSW transport workers have been bashed, assaulted and threatened, the RTBU is calling on the NSW Government to meet their obligations to provide a duty of care to workers and guarantee their safety at work.

Our rail, tram and bus workers report regularly being spat on and abused and it must stop.

The measures put in place by the O’Farrell/ Baird Government are a dismal failure and as a result workers and commuter safety is at risk.

The decisions to replace Transit Officers with Police, strip workers of car parking spaces, slash CCTV monitoring positions and remove staff from rail stations are increasing the danger to transport workers.

We need as much information as we can get from our members to document the effects of poor government security decisions. We need to keep a log of attacks on workers so the Union has the evidence to back up our ongoing call for better security.

If you have experienced any threats to your personal security, please provide the details of the incident here.

Your name and other personal information will not be passed on to management or the Government, but the details of the incident will.

It’s important we collect this data so please take five minutes to let us know what you have experienced.

You can also help raise the issue by signing up to the Our Transport pledge, as providing a safe and secure network is one of pledge’s key elements. Sign up today.

In the meantime RTBU State Secretary Alex Claassens has written to the Minister demanding an answer on how she intends to guarantee the safety of members and bought recent security incidents to the attention of the public through the media, forcing the Minister to defend her record.

You can see some of the coverage below but the Minister’s position is:

I believe the system is far safer now than three years ago. (Nine News 3/5)

New trains fitted with almost 100 CCTV cameras will protect passengers. (SMH 3/5)

What I do want to say is that I am very proud of what we have done since we have come into government with regard to safety and security. (Seven News 3/5)

Police issued an average 11,000 infringements each month – 3000 more than under the transit officer system. (SMH 3/5)

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