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Fix NSW Transport rally

Feb 14, 2018News

Dear members,

This Saturday, commuters and their families from across NSW will be coming together in protest against a poorly governed transport network, at the hands of the current NSW Government.

We’ve seen the errors of this NSW Government first hand:

  • The disastrous and rushed sell off of Newcastle’s buses where commuters are now being left stranded with less services, and drivers are still being paid incorrectly
  • Breaking an election promise with the pending sell off of Inner West buses and the disaster this will cause for Sydney-siders
  • The implementation of a new train timetable without the resources or staff to run it
  • Spent billions of dollars on new trains for the Blue Mountains line which don’t even fit the tracks
  • Ignored the impact of construction of the CBD light rail on small businesses and is doing the same now in Newcastle
  • Planned closure of the Epping and Bankstown rail lines for months while the existing rail is ripped up and replaced with a metro which fails to offer increased capacity
  • ….Just to name a few!

Minister Constance and the NSW Government made all of these reckless decisions without consulting the public or the workforce.

These are the same people who will now have to pay the price for the NSW Government’s mistakes, and these are the also the same people who are coming together this Saturday to say enough is enough.

WHEN: 2PM, Saturday, 17th of February

WHERE: Hyde Park

WHO: Commuters, transport workers and community organisations from across  NSW

WHAT: Rally with speeches to follow including an address from Alex Claassens, RTBU NSW Secretary.

Join us on Saturday as we march the streets of Sydney to say it loud and clear – our transport network is in shambles. Enough is enough. Commuters and the workforce deserve better.