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Fare Compliance Consultation Meeting

Jun 30, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 32

To: RTBU Transport Officers Sub-Division Members,

RTBU representatives attended the Fare Compliance Consultative Committee meeting on Friday, 26th June 2015, where a number of topics were discussed which included the proposed roster.

The RTBU put forward concerns raised by the membership to management. Some of the items were:

  1. Member’s believed they would be financially worse off under the proposed roster. Sydney Trains do not agree. As such, Sydney Trains did agree to pass on financial information.
  2. In addition, Sydney Trains further committed to supply FAID scores to the RTBU.
  3. Member’s raised concerns about field starts. These concerns were inclusive of how the field starts are to be structured and how the stations are going to be selected from which Transport Officers will be signing on and off from. Sydney Trains stated that the structure is being worked on and agreed this information will be supplied to Transport Officers once completed.

The RTBU is now requesting members to provide some guidance in relation to the following items:

  1. During the creation of the transport function the Combined Rail Unions secured agreement for 1 weekend a month during a rostered period. The current roster has 8 Saturdays and 4 Sundays – a clear breach of this agreement. However due to no financial loss is the proposed roster we are seeking instruction from the membership as to whether we hold to this agreement or accept the roster incentive.
  2. Consultation will close Friday the 19th June 2015 members need to make their position in relation to the roster as it stands known. All responses should indicate yes or no to acceptance of the proposed roster. Emails to be sent to Dave Young please. Your vote counts and only those that email will form the consensus for instruction.

If members have any comments and/or questions please contact Dave Young or Terry Cameron.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Helen Bellette


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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