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Fair Work Sets Date for PN hearing

Aug 26, 2016Bulletins

Bulletin 31 – 2016


Last Friday in a directions meeting with the Fair Work Commission, Pacific National and the RTBU failed to reach consensus on the two Scope Order applications that were before the commission. Pacific National had been attempting to have a Scope hearing in relation to the Victorian Agreement heard separate to what the RTBU had lodged. The RTBU have argued that the two matters were directly relevant and should be heard together.

Melbourne based Fair Work, Deputy President Clancy, directed the matters be heard together and has set a 3 day hearing in November. As members would be aware, Pacific National have been attempting to exclude some employees from agreements and force others from one agreement to another. The RTBU has now put a number of options to the company regarding Scope coverage, they have all been refused by Pacific National.

The RTBU remain open to discussions with the company on agreement coverage however unless the company changes its direction on this matter no progress on negotiations will happen before the hearing in November.

Members will be updated as matters progress.

Read the full bulletin here.

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