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Fair Work Commission takes first step in reducing Australia’s casualisation epidemic

Jul 25, 2017News

 The casualisation of the workforce across Australian industries is at a critical level with forty per cent of Australians in insecure work. This figure is unacceptable and this needs to change.

In July, the Fair Work Commission ruled that casual workers who work on a long term, regular basis must be provided with the option to convert to permanent employment. The decision will impact workers across retail, manufacturing, agriculture and hospitality industries. While this decision is a positive step, our movement will continue to push until all workers are given the option of permanent positions regardless of the regularity of the shifts made available to them and the length of employment. 

While we celebrate the Fair Work Commission’s decision, we also know that there is still a long way to go until every worker receives the entitlements they deserve.

Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary commented that, “Australian Unions fought for this improvement but it only plugs one small hole in a nationwide crisis.”

As part of the broader movement our Union will continue to fight to decrease the casualisation of the workforce, alongside our battles to secure fair Enterprise Agreements for better pay, better working conditions and more entitlements for all workers.

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