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Fair Work Commission Conciliation: Name Badge Dispute

Mar 17, 2014RTBU News

To: RTBU Station Staff


On Friday the 7th March the RTBU representatives and organisers attended the Fair Work Commission with regards to the requirement from Sydney Trains that all station staff display their given name on the identification badge.

During the procedure the RTBU brought up the following issues:

  • The risk assessment was faulty: There were a number of risks that were left off. An example of this is Social Media not being included.
  • The consultation was not conducted as required under the WHS Legislation. Out of the snap survey that the RTBU conducted only 1% know that there was a risk assessment and no one was notified of the result of the risk assessment.
  • When issues have been raised with the SCM’s they have been “fobbed off”.
  • There is no follow up by Sydney Trains when incidents have occurred where members are depicted in a negative manner on Social Media.
  • When station staff are standing next to Transport Officers whilst fines are being issued, members of the public are venting on the station staff.
  • The policy on the intranet gives members the option of name or identification number.

Sydney Trains put forward the position of the risk assessment was checked over by WorkCover and therefore is acceptable. In addition, Sydney Trains have put together a procedure that gives instructions of what station staff can do if they feel threatened.

Again the RTBU representatives put forward other options which included:

  • Station Staff given the option of a name or an identification number to be displayed on the badge
  • Station Staff using a preferred name
  • Risk assessment to be conducted at all stations.

Sydney Trains refused all the above options. Sydney Trains put forward the following suggestions:

  • More definition of threat so station staff are aware that a threat can be physical, verbal or other such as Social Media
  • Another point to be included which is if station staff aren’t satisfied with how the SCM dealt with the report of being threatened they may appeal to the General Manager.

The RTBU is waiting for written confirmation from Sydney Trains. When this is supplied we will distribute this to the membership via a bulletin. If members have any questions or comments please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU office.

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