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Oct 13, 2020News

Bulletin No: 53.20

To: All RTBU Station Staff Members,


Today RTBU Station Staff members have said that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Station Staff members are fed up with the constant attacks and total lack of respect shown to them by Sydney and NSW Trains management.

There have many issues in the past few years where Sydney and NSW Trains’ management have completely disregarded Station Staff’s concerns or simply do not care. These issues range from taking away chairs, demolishing control rooms and garrisons, forcing people to stand up for long periods of time, a prohibition on the wearing of shorts, allowing rostering to run wild, relentless job cuts, and now direct attacks on members and delegates.

Recently we have witnessed a scathing attack on one of your most senior elected delegates who has been denied a proper opportunity by Sydney Trains management to respond to some malicious allegations and the right to have a union representative.

Members have inundated the union with messages of support for this delegate and have stated that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH from this management.

The attacks and lack of respect towards station staff have pushed members and delegates to boiling point where if Sydney and NSW Trains do not fix the outstanding concerns action from members will surely follow.

Members and delegates have written to the Branch Secretary of the RTBU, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and if the demands are not actioned by Sydney and NSW Trains management, serious action will be inevitable.

The list of demands includes:

  • Take prolonged standing and fatigue seriously;
  • Reinstate chairs in Garrisons and at Barriers gates;
  • Cease plans to remove any Control Rooms and Garrisons;
  • Allow Station staff to wear shorts in line with other areas;
  • Review and fix the current rostering practices and processes;
  • Link the KRONOS clock to our pay OR bring back timesheets;
  • Treat station staff with respect and dignity;
  • Stop cutting jobs
  • Cease attacks on delegates and members; and
  • Abide by the terms of our enterprise agreement

These demands are not unreasonable. They are basic human rights – comfort, safety, and respect!

We urge the decision makers of Sydney and NSW Trains to sit down with all Station Staff representatives to discuss the list of demands.

The RTBU will keep you updated throughout this process. Keep an eye out for bulletins, emails, and text messages.

Any questions, please contact your local RTBU delegate.

  Issued by:
Trent Hunter
Authorised by:
Robert Hayden
Assistant Branch Secretary – Rail

Click HERE to download the bulletin.

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