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Driver training pilot program coming soon

Jul 19, 2016Loco Express

Over the preceding 12 months a review of all driver training has taken place, and one element of that has been the initial employment training program for new drivers.

The program has been developed and re-organised into four streams. A foundation stream has been designed with generic subjects including train systems, faults / failures, safe working and professional driving.

The specific streams 1, 2 & 3 will follow which will focus on specific route knowledge, traction set types and faults / failures of each sector. There will be a major focus on development and assistance with an early indication if a trainee is not meeting requirements through the assessment process.

It is at a point now where a pilot program will commence on the 22nd July 2016 with a second program to start in August 2016. The RTBU Loco Division, through the Driver Training Committee, has been consulted and has been consistently involved in the development of the course. We will continue to be involved in the pilot and will monitor how it runs and analyse the the results for continued improvement and safety.

Another element of the review of training will be the development of driver trainers in relation to this program. An information pack and one day of training will be delivered to help understand the program and what is required of the trainers to support and meet the requirements of it. The RTBU Loco Division would like to thank all those members for their input and hard work in developing the new program. Please contact head office or the driver training committee representatives Andrew Holt and Paul Foster if you require any further information.

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