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Driver Trainer Assessment Process

Aug 21, 2015Loco Express

Driver trainers were recently made aware that management were about to conduct an assessment of all driver trainers in order to assess their suitability to perform their role.

Management were allegedly stating that this process was endorsed and supported by the Loco Division when in fact we had not even been officially consulted on the process at any time. Once it was advised, the Loco Division put a stop to the whole process until the requirement to consult under the current EA had been fulfilled as numerous industrial concerns remained to be addressed prior to the implementation of any assessment process.

A subsequent meeting was held with management during which the Loco Division raised numerous industrial questions regarding the whole process and the ramifications to members involved. Management agreed to suspend the assessment process and committed to a follow up meeting to fully outline the whole process and address all the issues raised by the Loco Division.

Members will be advised once this has occurred and will also be supplied with all the relevant information on the process attained.

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