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‘Dog Act’ – Sydney Bus Drivers punished by Constance for opposing privatisation

Jun 2, 2017Media releases News

RTBU Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston has described Minister Constance’s slashing of bus driver pay as punishment for their opposition to privatisation a ‘Dog Act’.

On Friday afternoon, the State Transit Authority informed bus drivers that it would be taking away the drivers ‘Industry Allowance’ from the next pay period.

This was done to punish drivers for standing up against Minister Constance’s plans to privatise the Sydney bus network, a move that will cost 1,200 jobs in July 2018 and lead to the further privatisation of Sydney’s public transport system.

Mr Preston said this was another disgraceful act of intimidation from Minister Constance which would cost drivers around $50 per week.

“This is a dog act from Minister Constance.”

“Just two week ago, Minister Constance betrayed commuters and bus drivers by announcing his plans to privatise one third of Sydney’s bus network, despite them having received written guarantees of job security for the next five years just last December.”

“Now, when bus drivers have courageously stood up to oppose his plans to sell off the bus network, putting 1,200 drivers out of a job, Minister Constance has punished them by slashing their pay.”

“These public transport workers have families to feed.”

“They are standing up for their jobs and for better services for commuters, who will face route cuts, bus stop removals and increased fares under privatisation.”

“Andrew Constance sits there collecting over $300,000 a year and rides around in his chauffeured limousine while cutting hard working Sydney bus drivers pay. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Mr Preston said that Sydney bus drivers would push ahead with their campaign against bus privatisation, which has already included a 24-hour work stoppage and ‘Fare Free Day’ by talking with commuters and winning their support.

“We won’t rule anything in or out to stop privatisation. Everything is on the table.”

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