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Dispute over time credits at Lithgow and Mt Victoria depots

Aug 10, 2017Loco Express

Members are advised that a Step 2 dispute exists over the allocation of time credit sheets in two depots.

The first matter arose out of Lithgow following the issuing of altered working for their Bathurst job, which  involved the driver requiring to be lifted up outside of the allowable timeframe, making him unavailable. The Drivers Rostering & Working Arrangements (DR&WA) Clause 3.11.3 clearly articulates that Time Credits are only to be made when the original working is cancelled or lays back to a degree that it makes the driver no longer available.  The Loco Division is of the view that this criteria had not been met, and therefore alternate work should have been provided. However, this was not the case.

There has also been another instance of a similar nature at the Mt Victoria depot, which points towards an apparent rostering failure to comply with the DR&WA.

It should be noted that in both instances the trains were not cancelled and actually ran. There are the obvious financial implications related to issues like loss of mileage,  however, the major implication is the loss of an overtime bonus. Members will be kept informed as this matter progresses.

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