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Dispute Notice Regarding the Investigation of Member Complaints

Mar 5, 2018Bulletins

Bulletin 15/2018

To:       All T/NSW and TSS Members Burwood

Members are advised that a Step 2 Dispute Notice was served on Transport NSW Management relating the recently concluded investigation by Transport NSW Management into the complaints by employees of management bullying, harassment and belittling behaviour.

An extract from the letter to T/NSW Management is as follows:


“I wrote to the Deputy Secretary, People and Corporate Services, Transport for NSW back on the 6th February 2018 after discovering that the investigation was being conducted through the internal processes and raised concerns as to the lack of faith in the creditability and impartiality that an internal investigation would be seen as delivering.

It is now clear from informal reports of which we are aware, that the investigation and the findings, on face value, may appear to have been less than fair and transparent and have been viewed by employees to have been carried out in a way to intimidate those who signed the petition to withdraw or reduce their claims.”

“…….We would seek to have Transport NSW provide to the RTBU a full unedited version of the Investigation report, including the findings and actions. We are seeking to have the investigation re-opened and re-conducted by a mutually agreed independent investigator which we believe would be to the benefit of all parties.”

We will keep members informed as to the response we receive from T/NSW and outcomes of the dispute meeting.

I have requested access to Elsie Street to hold a member meeting next Thursday between 12:00 and 13:00. The agenda for this meeting would be dominated by discussion relating to this dispute. It would be expected that another agenda item would be the next round of reforms.

When the meeting is confirmed a Meeting Notice will be distributed and all members should attend and have their say.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary