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Day one: Bus route changes in the CBD

Oct 6, 2015Bus Express

RTBU Divisional Secretary Chris Preston and Assistant Branch Secretary David Woollams have walked the length of the city this morning to monitor the effects of the the re-routing of buses in the Sydney CBD. It’s only day one, but it’s clear that drivers have done an excellent job handling the timetable changes.

We have noticed a build up of buses around Central and Wynyard and a lot of pedestrian traffic particularly from Wynyard to Town Hall, where people have clearly taken advantage of the good weather and chosen to walk to their destinations rather than paying the extra fare to change over to a train.

Those who have decided to take a bus link across the city have been left with few options apart from the M30 – and this morning those buses had full standing loads. The union will continue to push for more bus services on overloaded routes especially now that commuters have fewer options available to them.

It’s still early days and the union will be monitoring the situation for the rest of the day and the rest of the week.

It’s really important that members give their feedback to delegates to ensure the union is aware of any issues that crop up as commuters and drivers get used to the timetable changes. If you experience any incidents on the road or consistent late running times please notify your delegate as soon as possible.

Here’s a message from Chris and David at Wynyard this morning: