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CRU Continues to Fight for One Agreement

Mar 14, 2014RTBU News

On Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday 12 March the CRU was at the Fair Work Commission continuing to make the case for one Enterprise Agreement (EA) to cover all rail employees.

The rail entities had accused the CRU of not bargaining in good faith as we did not agree to their demands to break the current single EA into five separate agreements.

Members have told us loud and clear they want one agreement and the CRU has consistently argued that there is no operational reason to have five agreements.  Breaking the EA up into five agreements simply makes it easier for the NSW Government to pursue outsourcing or privatising parts of the rail system in the future.

The CRU has agreed to continue in conciliation with the rail entities in the Fair Work Commission, with the next hearing scheduled for Tuesday, 18 March.

As soon as there is an outcome from conciliation the CRU will advise all members.


What can you do to protect your conditions of employment?

In the meantime the CRU encourages all members to:

  1. Sign the petition for one Enterprise Agreement. Seek out your delegate or contact you union office and make sure your signature is counted.
  1. Keep up to date with activities through the Our Transport website at www.ourtransport.org.au
  1. Refuse to attend one on one or small group meetings with management about the Enterprise Agreement without your union representative present.
  1. Notify your union representative immediately you are called to a meeting.
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