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COVID-19 Update: New Restrictions in place affecting members

Jul 15, 2021COVID19

Dear Members,

Due to the ambiguity in the NSW Public Health Order and the information on the NSW Health website we have now clarified how the health orders apply to RTBU members.

City of Fairfield LGA Restrictions

Any member who lives in or who is staying in temporary accommodation (i.e. a hotel) in the City of Fairfield Local Government Area must not enter any premises outside that LGA unless they:

  • Within the preceding 72 hours been tested for COVID-19; and
  • Have evidence of the test available for inspection by an employer, occupier of the premises or a police officer.

In a nutshell, if you live in the Fairfield LGA area and you work outside of it, you need to get a COVID test every 3 days and ensure you have it with you for proof.

For a map of the Fairfield LGA area – you can view it here.

Entering or Leaving Greater Sydney Region

Under the new restrictions, a “Greater Sydney Worker” is defined as anyone who lives in the Greater Sydney Region (Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, or Shell Harbour), OR anyone who stays in temporary accommodation in Greater Sydney.

For example,  if you are Regional Crew and live outside of Greater Sydney and you stay in Barracks for any period of time in Greater Sydney the order applies to you.

If you live in Greater Sydney and are required to travel more then 50kms outside of this area for work the order also applies to you.

Meaning you must:

  • In the preceding 7 days been tested for COVID-19; and
  • Have evidence of the test available for inspection by an employer, occupier of premises or a police officer.

You have until the end of Sunday 18 July 2021 to get tested so you can work 50km or more outside the area.

If you already live in Greater Sydney or within the 50 km surrounding and are only required to travel for work within this area, then the health order does not apply to you. Unless you are in the Fairfield LGA where there are additional restrictions.

The Union is writing to employers to ensure that they are implementing these restrictions in a sensible way and are not exposing members to unnecessary risk and inconvenience. We believe that our members should not be entering or leaving the Greater Sydney Area unless it is absolutely essential that they do so. The onerous obligations and health risk placed on us as Transport Workers’ and the community in general would render such a direction by any employer as unreasonable.

If you have any specific concerns about the way that the new Public Health Orders may impact you, or the way your employer is implementing it, please contact your local delegate or your organiser for more information.

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