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COVID-19 Public Health Order Mandatory Face Coverings – Update 2

Jan 8, 2021News

Bulletin No. 2.21

To: Sydney/NSW Trains Members

COVID-19 Public Health Order Mandatory Face Coverings – Update 2

Further to Bulletin No 1.21 issued last week regarding Public Health Order Mandatory Face Coverings and following a report back meeting this afternoon between the RTBU and Sydney Trains/NSW Train Link we advise of the following:

Sydney Trains and NSW Train Link made it clear that the Health Order continued to apply to all Train Crew and that neither had the ability to give a specific exemption.

The RTBU advises Members should continue to follow the broad Health Orders from the NSW State Government which includes the current provisions:

Part 2

(7) Despite subclause (1)-(4) a person may remove a fitted face covering the person is otherwise required to wear in the following circumstances.

  • The person is eating or drinking
  • The person is communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • The person is at work and the nature of the person’s work
  • Makes the wearing of a fitted face covering a risk to the person’s or another person’s health and safety, or
  • Means clear communication or visibility of the person’s mouth is essential.
  • The person is asked to remove the fitted face covering to ascertain the person’s identity
  • Because of an emergency
  • The removal of a fitted face covering is necessary for the proper provision of goods or service.

Example. A person having a facial or a beard trim.

(8) The Minister directs that a person who removes the person’s fitted face covering under subclause (7) must resume wearing the fitted face covering as soon as practicable after the circumstance ends.

We again emphasised that Members did not contest the wearing of mask in paid transport areas, including stations, platforms or whilst using public transport as members and the RTBU will continue to support health advice for the safety of themselves and the travelling public.

  Issued by:
Craig Turner
  Authorised by:
Robert Hayden
Assistant Branch Secretary – Rail

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