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Cost-cutting, privatisation: sharing experiences for stronger unions

Oct 30, 2014Loco Express

The Loco Division has shared experiences with representatives of the two British rail unions which represent British Train Drivers, about the challenges of dealing with hostile conservative governments, privatisation and cost-cutting.

Mick Whelan and David Calfe from ASLEF and Derrick Marr from the RMT attended last week’s Divisional Council to talk about the fallout from years of privatisation starting with the Thatcher government in the 1980s through to the current time.

UK visitors Derek Marr, David Calfe and Mick Whelan with Loco Secretary Bob Hayden

The British unionists said privatisation had devastated the network and strong unions were essential for maintaining fair conditions for drivers.

It was apparent to all Delegates that Train Drivers face the same issues irrespective of the Country and that the NSW Locomotive Division is committed to ongoing information exchange with UK, New Zealand, Japanese and Asia Pacific Unions which represent Train Drivers.

Committed to ongoing information exchange

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/cost-cutting-privatisation-sharing-experiences-for-stronger-unions/#sthash.VMrqKd6s.dpuf