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Competency Assurance Dispute

Feb 5, 2015Loco Express

Sydney Trains has made several attempts over the last 12 months to change the seven day notice requirement for competency assurance. 

In December 2014 Sydney trains issued an information bulletin advising crew the notice period was now only 3 days. This was instantly disputed by the RTBU and a Footplate was distributed advising members to ignore the instruction as no consultation had occurred.

Finally a meeting was held in January to further discuss the dispute. Management wish to be able to roster drivers for assessment from the first Monday of the period roster which would equate to 4 days notice and have committed to supply relevant information on the current assessment process to support their requirements. Once supplied, further discussions will occur and members will be advised of the outcome.

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/competency-assurance-dispute-2/#sthash.Kw2cV1dk.dpuf