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Commuter Day of Action against privatisation hits the bus stops of Sydney

Jul 5, 2017Media releases News

Bus drivers and campaign volunteers will hit bus stops across Sydney distributing flyers and talking to commuters as part of the ‘Don’t Sell Our Buses Campaign – Day of Action’ in protest Transport Minister Constance’s plans to privatise Sydney’s buses.

The campaign volunteers will be located at bus stops across the city to talk to commuters about what the Government’s plans to sell off their buses mean to them and how they can get involved in the campaign.

RTBU Bus and Tram Secretary Chris Preston said that the ‘Commuter Day of Action’ was vital in informing the public about what is happening to their buses services and how they can do something about it.

“Today, bus drivers and campaign volunteers are hitting the busiest bus stops right across the city to let people know that Andrew Constance is selling off their buses.”

“We’re letting commuters know that this will mean higher fares, fewer services and bus stop closures and we’re asking them to join the campaign to save Sydney’s buses.”

“The ‘Don’t Sell Our Buses’ campaign has had excellent community support at the events we’ve held in Marrickville, Leichhardt and in the city of Sydney. Many of the volunteers out today had attended those meetings.”

Since NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance made the shock announcement in mid-May that he intended privatising a third of Sydney buses putting 1,300 drivers out of a job, the ‘Don’t Sell Our Buses’ campaign has been joined by thousands of commuters, union members, Labor and the Greens and community organisations such as the Sydney Alliance.

“Once members of the public are told what’s actually happening to their bus services, like our bus drivers they feel angry and betrayed.”

“Andrew Constance has no mandate to sell of Sydney’s public transport and no public support. He needs to know he’s got a problem on his hands.”

“Minister Constance is clearly out of his depth and we call on Premier Berejiklian to step in to sort this mess out” Mr Preston said.

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