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Close call at Hornsby highlights dangers of NIF

Feb 5, 2021News

A close-call incident at Hornsby station in January was averted thanks to the quick-thinking collaboration between the driver, train guards and station staff, highlighting how this partnership is essential to public safety on our rail network.

A commuter who was running to catch the train as it pulled away attempted to board the moving train and fell, becoming stuck between the train and the platform. They were sighted by the Customer Service Attendant at the station, who quickly alerted the guard with a whistle blow and red flag.

The guard immediately gave the emergency stop signal to the driver, who applied the emergency brake. The guard informed the driver over the intercom that a person was trapped between the train and platform.

Others on the platform who witnessed the accident rushed over to the train and together pushed the carriage, creating enough room for the commuter to be freed from the gap and attended by the ambulance.

Through their close collaboration, our members saved the man’s life. The driver even noted to the union, “How would I have been stopped if I was on a NIF train?”

The partnership between drivers, guards and customer service attendants is absolutely essential to keep the public safe on our trains. The dangerous NIF model threatens this by removing the guard role and forcing drivers to monitor the platform on its flawed CCTV system – all while they are driving the train.

The union’s safety talks with NSW Trains and TfNSW are ongoing. We will not allow unsafe trains on our network and put the safety of workers and commuters at risk.

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