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Clearance of Excess Accrued Public Holiday Arrangements – Sydney Trains

Jul 8, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 37 –

TO ALL RTBU Members (Sydney Trains)

Members are advised that after some considerable discussions with Sydney Trains Management in relation to Management’s proposal to “pay out” excess accrued public holidays Sydney Trains agreed to the options set out below.

It should be noted that although the RTBU raised concerns in regards to the need for Sydney Trains to extend the cut-off date as NSW Trains had agreed to they (Sydney Trains) ultimately refused this request. This attitude showed a distinct lack of concern for the need of their staff to have additional time to consider what option they preferred, and is in total contrast to that shown by NSW Trains as NSW Trains Management did amend the cut-off date for their staff.


  1. Cash out of public holidays:

Employees should indicate by the 3 July 2015 of their preferred option. If an employee does not nominate one of the options any balance exceeding 8 days will be paid out in August 2015.

Once a date has been finalised with Payroll the affected employees will be advised.

No action is required from employees who wish to have their public holiday leave balances more than 8 days paid out.

  1. Progressive cash out payments:

A request may be made to the employee’s payroll officer to progressively cash out excess public holiday accruals. This plan must:

  • Be submitted by 3 July 2015
  • Be cash out no fewer than 2 public holidays per pay cycle
  • Result in all excess public holidays being cashed out by 1 September 2015
  1. Clear leave on specific dates:

If an employee wishes to take excess accrual as leave on specific dates, an application/request needs to be submitted to their line manager/rostering officer. These requests will be “genuinely” considered and, alternative dates may be discussed if the preferred dates are unavailable due to “operational” reasons. If the dates cannot be agreed or accommodated, then the leave will be cashed out.

  1. Clear leave as part of 2016 leave:

Employees who work to annual leave rosters can request to have excess public holiday accruals rostered on either side of their 2016 leave plan. There will be no need to specify dates as this will be arranged by rostering officers when rostering annual leave. Management in the Customer Service and Maintenance Directorates have asked that employees in these areas nominate specific dates (Option 3) however if this is not suitable they can still request TO have excess public holiday accruals rostered on either side of their 2016 leave plan.

In conjunction with NSW Trains and Unions NSW, Sydney Trains will form a working party to develop a procedure for the payment of public holiday accruals and the accumulation of public holiday in the future.

Although the cut-off date 3 July has past Members are advised to still submit their preferred option as soon as possible and should there be any further difficulties in having their option implemented that they should contact their Delegates or the RTBU Office.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham FozzardOrganiser Robert HaydenAssistant Branch Secretary