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Christmas buses on the roads again

Dec 11, 2014Bus Express

It’s time to get out the bells and tinsel for the annual Christmas Bus competition!

The defending champions at Mona Vale depot have already decked out two buses this year. Here’s a sneak peak inside their Christmas Bendy Bus:

The Christmas Bus competition is run every year and depots compete to win a cash prize they then donate to their local charity of choice.

Graham Christie from Mona Vale depot has high hopes they’ll take out the prize again this year and says the key to winning is enthusiasm.

“We had 22 people helping out on the Christmas bus this year. I’ve never seen this sort of thing happen at another depot.”

But he admits that competition is fierce. “We’ll we are up with some pretty stiff competition with Ryde and Kingsgrove, as we are every year… but I think with this bus we’re in with a good chance.”


But it’s not all about winning the prize.

Many bus operators love driving the Christmas Bus because of the smile it puts on the passengers’ faces when they are lucky enough to get to board one.

“We often have people get on the bus in the city just to take pictures, then they get off at the next stop. People love it!” said Rita Sahpazidou, also from Mona Vale depot.

Has your depot gotten in to the Christmas spirit yet? Send us your Christmas Bus photos by emailing info@busexpress.com.au

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