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Change the rules to stop wage theft

Jul 21, 2017News

**From Australian Unions***

In Australia, ripping off workers isn’t the exception, it’s becoming the rule.

This week, we’ve seen a report from Unions NSW which looked at 200 foreign language job ads, and found 4 out of 5 were being ripped off.

We’ve seen restaurants in Melbourne, only paying workers $10 an hour for ten hour shifts.

Add these to the $2.6 million-dollar wage theft conducted by George Calombaris and you can see the disturbing trend.

It gets worse. One restaurant floor manager lost his job and had his visa application threatened because he asked for the wage theft to end.

Wage theft is a national crisis, and temporary visa workers are being hit hardest.

Our laws make it too hard for working people to enforce their basic rights. This is why wage theft has grown out of control. This has to change.

The rules that used to protect workers from theft are broken. But we’re going to change them.

By building a powerful movement, we can stop this rampant wage theft. Only a powerful union movement can change the rules to stop workers being ripped off in every pay packet.

And there’s no powerful union movement without you.

We’re going to build our movement by sharing the stories of those who have been ripped off.

Because when one person speaks up, it gives other people confidence to join them.

Share your story, or the stories of people you know, now. These stories will put the pressure on to change the rules, so that employers face real consequences for stealing wages.

We know that through public pressure, these workers’ pay will be restored. But that’s just part of the plan to change the rules.

Share your story now and stay tuned for more important updates on the growing movement to change the rules.


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