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Mark Diamond appointed as RTBU National Secretary

Oct 21, 2019

The RTBU National Executive today appointed Mark Diamond as the Union’s new […] Read More »


Oct 21, 2019

Bulletin: 49/19 To: Rail, Tram and Bus Union – Infrastructure ARTC Members, […] Read More »

Job vacancy: Organiser,  RTBU NSW Branch

Job vacancy: Organiser, RTBU NSW Branch

Oct 18, 2019

Overview: The RTBU NSW Branch covers workers employed in the Rail and […] Read More »

Hunter train line boosted by launch of Newcastle light rail

Oct 14, 2019

An increase of 50,000 passengers on the Hunter train line has been […] Read More »

NSW Trains Directors’ Self Recognition Awards: ‘All the glitters is not gold’

Oct 14, 2019

As Members would be aware, the rock fall at Glenbrook in April […] Read More »

Government funding needs to start prioritising Sydney’s west

Oct 14, 2019

An article from the Sydney Morning Herald has suggested that Sydney’s Metro […] Read More »

Sydney Trains’ attack on the Liverpool Garrison

Sydney Trains’ attack on the Liverpool Garrison

Oct 8, 2019

Bulletin 47.19 – RTBU members from Liverpool Station recently fronted the Fair […] Read More »

RTBU urges Brisbane City Council to do more to protect drivers against abuse

Oct 3, 2019

It has been revealed that Brisbane bus drivers are huge targets of […] Read More »

Sydney light rail class action gains momentum

Oct 3, 2019

Over 200 people are seeking compensation for the mishandling of the new […] Read More »

Teenage boy lucky to escape serious injury after being hit by tram

Oct 3, 2019

Last week, a teenage boy narrowly escaped serious injury after he was […] Read More »