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Caltex offshoring Australian jobs in favour of ‘poverty wages’

Jul 21, 2015News

RTBU representatives stood in solidarity today with workers from the Maritime Union of Australia to protest Caltex’s appalling treatment of crew members working on the Alexander Spirit.

Despite many crew members having loyally worked aboard the ship for a number of years, they have been told that their upcoming voyage to Singapore will be their last.

The replacement crew will likely be sourced from a developing nation and be paid poverty wages of less than $2 an hour.

Caltex is a profitable oil company who recently announced a $375 million half-year profit. 

“This kind of bottom-line chasing, corporate malignance is unpalatable to the union and I believe it’s unpalatable to most in the community who believe in a fair go,” said MUA Sydney Branch Secretary Paul McAleer.  

Read more from the MUA here and see photos of the RTBU’s delegation on our Facebook page.

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