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Cabinet leaks show massive increase in cost of powering Sydney Trains

Jul 6, 2017Loco Express

Leaked NSW Government documents have revealed an 82 per cent increase in the cost of electricity to keep Sydney Trains running.

The leaks show that in March, the Government was warned that power costs would rise to $65 to $70 million higher than budgeted for now that the Government’s contract with Origin Energy has expired.

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley is calling on the Berejiklian Government to come clean on whether these cost increases will be passed on to commuters through higher fares.

““In the end it is commuters that will pay for this through higher fares – it’s a devastating double blow for households,” said Mr Foley.

“The Government ran off to court at every turn to raise everyone’s power bills, but now that rise will flow through to their own cost of running the trains.

“It’s always the public that bear the burden.”

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said passengers should not have to pick up the tab and that workers shouldn’t either during their soon-to-commence EA negotiations.

“Failing to accurately budget for rising electricity costs is yet another example of bad planning by the NSW,” said Mr Hayden.

“They should not expect commuters to pay more and they certainly should not try to pass this on to workers in the form of cost-cutting on wages or lowering conditions.”

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