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Bus campaign events: get involved

Dec 16, 2019News

The campaign against bus privatisation is heating up – and we need your help to take it to the next level. 

Will you join us at one of our events? Click here to see a list of upcoming events: https://ourtransport.org.au/bus-sell-off-events/

The NSW Government recently announced its plans to privatise all of Sydney’s remaining public buses. We know that privatising public transport doesn’t work. For buses, it means fewer routes, fewer bus stops and late buses.

Today it’s buses. Tomorrow it could be trains. The NSW Government’s privatisation plans put our jobs and the quality services commuters deserve at risk.

Even if your job isn’t directly impacted by bus privatisation today, we’d love to see you at some of the anti-privatisation events. We need to stand together and show the NSW Government that we won’t stand for public transport privatisation of any kind.

We’re keeping this list regularly updated with events taking place around the regions, so keep tuning in to see new events near you. https://ourtransport.org.au/bus-sell-off-events/

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