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Bullying remains a problem for NSW public sector

Nov 27, 2013Bus Express

A report released yesterday from the NSW Public Service Commissioner Graeme Head has found 30% of NSW public sector employees report being bullied in the workplace and almost 50% say they have witnessed it.

The 2013 State of the NSW Public Sector report found that bullying is still a significant problem in the sector despite the implementation of a number of measures to deal with the issue.

Members will be more than aware of the problems public sector workers face around bullying, with a number of cases arising this year that the union has stepped in the manage.

Mr Head has said “the Public Service Commission is committed to supporting the sector in tackling this issue” and will Unions NSW and other bodies to develop strategies to reduce bullying and better deal with it when it arises.

Hopefully with closer consultation with unions we will start to see this insidious issue removed from our workplaces.