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Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Investigation Update

Mar 19, 2018Bulletins

Bulletin 20/2018

To: All NSW/Shared Services Members

On Thursday 8th of March, a members meeting was held at Elsie Street Burwood, where it was clearly stated that we wanted management to hear our concerns directly, so a meeting was held with Transport NSW senior management last week.


We were disappointed to find that management did not share our concerns as deeply as we did and they are not affording it the level of commitment that we need but they confirmed that their next steps will be team briefings and potentially more one on one discussions – which we believe is unacceptable.

They also advised that the Deputy Secretary, People and Corporate Services, Transport for NSW would be holding a meeting at Burwood with affected employees to put these next steps directly to them.

This meeting will take place on Wednesday, 21st March.

Our RTBU team has requested more information on this meeting and who is able to attend. We have requested this meeting be open to all employees and their representatives so that the questions can be directed to the decision-makers.

We would advise that you bring as much evidence as possible to the meeting and ask lots of questions about how management intend to address this serious workplace health and safety issue. If you are invited to a separate one on one meeting, we would encourage you to take a delegate or friend as a support person.

A follow-up member meeting is planned for Thursday 22nd March at Elsie Street Burwood.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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