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Bulletin: CCTV Faults Waratah A and B Sets

Jul 1, 2021Bulletins News

Bulletin no. 25.21

30 June 2021

To: RTBU Sydney Trains Guards Members,

There is an ongoing issue with CCTV failures on A and B sets where Guards are being asked to work from the leading cab in revenue service.

This appears to be happening with more frequency, and multiple sets are being left in service for extended periods with this issue.

Guards Sub Division believe that Sydney Trains have created a safety risk to crew by introducing an unnecessary distraction to Drivers with the Guard working in the leading cab, and to passengers by forcing Guards to rely on CCTV when departing platforms. CCTV is only to be used as an aid for the platform interface. Guards watching trains depart platforms from the rear crew cab door remains the main control to ensure passenger safety.

Guards are reminded under OSP7,” If you cannot see the entire length of the train, walk to a position on the platform where you can”.

Members are directed to perform a personal risk assessment and if you feel working from the leading cab will pose a safety risk to crew and passengers, confer with your driver and advise Sydney Trains that you will continue to work from the rear crew cab and that the train will need to be worked out of service at the next suitable location.

Issued & Authorised by

Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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