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Bulletin 20: Safety and Security Incident Reporting

Jul 18, 2014News

With the increasing number of safety and security incidents occurring on and around the rail network it is important to ensure that members’ safety is management’s primary responsibility. It is also vitally important that safety and security incidents are reported, recorded and actioned.

The rail entities have internal reporting and recording processes. These processes have been changed and it poses a question as to WHY management have changed them. Is this to hide the “TRUTH” about data and statistics?

It would appear that Transport Police are not being provided with up to date accurate and complete data and statistics on the number and type of safety and security incidents.

If management are manipulating the reporting and recording processes this needs to cease. To hide accurate data and statistics from those that have been assigned the duty to respond to customer initiated violence is a significant breach of management’s primary responsibility to their workers.   There needs to be an accurate and transparent reporting and recording process.

The RTBU, through “OUR TRANSPORT” website have created a process that allows all employees to go on-line through the link: https://rtbuexpress.com.au/safe “Keep Us Safe”, to report and record these incidents.

This information will be shared with the Transport Police and other sources to ensure that accurate reporting and recording of incidences is captured and provided to these authorities so appropriate actions can be implemented for your safety and security.

Unfortunately and regrettably members have always been and continue to be the focus of customer initiated violence. This abuse is not only of a physical nature but quite often verbal abuse and threats, all of which are totally unacceptable. However, due to the unwillingness of management to address these incidents, members have declined to report or record them.

The RTBU advises Members that ALL safety and security incidents irrespective of how trivial you consider them to be must be reported and recorded. This reporting and recording must be captured by the “Keep Us Safe” website and provided to management. This will ensure that appropriate safety and security measures can be perused by the RTBU for your safety and security.