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Building a Stronger Union

Oct 30, 2015RTBU News

The RTBU National Council has met in Sydney to set the course for our Union’s future.

The National Council is the highest decision making body of the RTBU, and comprises around 80 elected Council Delegates from around the country.  

Our focus was on building a stronger union by investing in the skills and capacities of our army of Workplace Delegates.

RTBU NSW 1510 PIC RTBU National Council 2015

The National Council agreed on five key proposals. 

The first was the creation of an on-line Delegates Portal, which will be an addition to our new national website and will provide Delegates with instant access to critical information.

We’ll be employing a National Delegates Training Coordinator within National Office.  This new role will have responsibility for ensuring all of our Workplace Delegates have access to a consistent and comprehensive training syllabus.

Bill Shorten addresses the RTBU National Council.

Bill Shorten addresses the RTBU National Council.

The third initiative was the introduction of a national Delegate of the Year Award to recognise the outstanding achievements of our Workplace Delegates and highlight the importance of their role. 

It was also agreed to hold a National Delegates Conference, bringing all of our Delegates together in one place to discuss the issues they are dealing with on the shop floor.

And finally, National Council agreed to develop a national growth campaign to increase our density, and therefore increase our strength. 

Paddy Crumlin at the RTBU National Council.

Paddy Crumlin at the RTBU National Council.

Of course, we don’t spend all this time and all this energy building a stronger union just for the sake of it.

The RTBU exists for one reason and one reason only – to advance the interests of its members. 

And when you look across the country at what we’ve been doing, it’s incredible. The RTBU is showing Australia, and showing the world, that there’s power in a union.

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