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British rail union celebrates major victory against DOO

Oct 7, 2016News

After a long battle against driver only operation, members of British rail union RMT have voted by a massive ten to one to accept a deal that guarantees the retention of safety-critica‎l guards on all current Scotrail services.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash told the media:

“Our members have backed a deal in a referendum ballot that is a major victory in the fight to stop the compromising of rail safety through the extension of Driver Only Operation.

“This deal, which represents a benchmark for the industry, is exactly what we have proposed as a resolution to the Southern dispute. If it’s good enough for Scotland it’s good enough for the South of England.

“The deal guarantees a Guard on every new electrified train and that the Conductor will retain their full competency including rules, track safety and evacuation.  In addition Scotrail confirm that trains operating these services will not run without a competent conductor on board‎.

“The agreement has been reached after a campaign of industrial action and after intense negotiations and shows what can be achieved when management and unions get down to serious talks. That lesson should be a wake up call to Southern Rail.”

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