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BREAKING: Rail Entities vote is in…

Sep 19, 2014News

The preliminary results of the Rail Entities EBA ballots have just come in – and both Sydney and NSW Trains members have endorsed the agreement.

The initial vote is:

Sydney Trains:                      63% yes, 37% no

NSW Trains:                           76% yes, 24% no

However a formal count will be released on Monday. Stay tuned for the Combined Rail Unions bulletin containing the final numbers.

Congratulations and thank you to each and every member who not only took the time to vote, but who worked hard to get us to this point.

We knew from the outset that we faced an attack from the company greater than we’ve ever witnessed before, however through it all, our members have stood strong and united.

A special thanks must go to the delegates and activists who have worked around the clock since negotiations kicked off in October last year to fight for the rights of workers and to keep everyone updated and informed.

This is a good outcome, but we know this is not the end of the battle. In fact, it is merely the beginning. The challenge now is to ensure that management stick to and improve our working conditions, and to ensure that our jobs and rights stay secure.

Once again, RTBU members have shown what is possible when we stick together. Thank you.