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BREAKING: Pacific National locks out train crew

Nov 24, 2022News

Media Release, 23 November 2022: Rail company, Pacific National, has tonight announced it is locking out a major section of its workforce from 0001 on Thursday.

The move by the company will have an impact on Pacific National bulk and coal trains across the state.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW Locomotive Division Secretary, Farren Campbell, said the company’s outrageous move follows workers’ simple refusal to work trains that don’t meet minimum safety standards.

The move was part of current protected industrial action being taken in an attempt to secure a fair enterprise agreement for PN workers.

“This is an outrageous attack on Pacific National’s workforce and will have an impact on the movement of freight right across the state,” Mr Campbell said.

“To take this stance against workers who were simply demanding the rail company meet its minimum safety standards is a shockingly low act from one of the biggest rail companies in the world.

“Pacific National workers are willing and able to work, but the company is refusing to let them.” 

“We’re hopeful common-sense will soon prevail and the rail company will let its workforce get back to doing what they do best – moving our goods across the country.”