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Blinds drawn on privacy dispute

Mar 28, 2014Loco Express

The Moss Vale Depot has lodged in excess of 12 disputes concerning the privacy of members who use the Moss Vale meal room.

Following an altercation with local management, the RTBU Locomotive Division was advised that the makeshift blind on the window in the meal room was to be taken down so that management could continually monitor who was in the meal room and what they were doing whilst they were having their crib break.

A large number of members at Moss Vale then lodged notices of dispute, stating that in monitoring the activities of members while they were eating, management was breaching Clause 3.5 of the RailCorp Enterprise Agreement 2010 which states that “Employees are treated with trust, dignity and concern for their rights and individual needs”. Members also stated that they felt as though their privacy was being breached, and that this led to them feeling as though they were being harassed and intimidated by management.

Since the disputes were lodged, the members have been advised that they may now put the blind back up to protect their right to privacy while on a break, and this has since been done.