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Baird/Grant announce new XPT fleet

Mar 15, 2015Loco Express

With the election promises flowing thick and fast, Liberal Party leader Mike Baird and National leader Troy Grant promised a new $1billion XPT fleet if re-elected.

The fleet would be run by NSW TrainLink and fares would be set by the government.

Mike Baird said the new fleet would cut travel times along the North Coast, Central West and southern NSW.

There has been no consultation or discussion with the RTBU about any possible impact on members as a result of this announcement but if past form is anything to go by, we shouldn’t expect the Baird Government to have thought or cared about the impact on employees in both regional and metropolitan locations.

The Loco Division will be writing to NSW Trains in an effort to arrange a meeting to find out as much information as possible and to discuss the involvement of the division in the aspects of the announcement that may have an impact on members.

The announcement of improved rail transport is in stark contrast to the Liberal Party’s decision to rip up the Newcastle line, which has increased journey times in the areas significantly.

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