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Back to the Table For a Fair ARTC NSW Infrastructure Agreement

Jul 18, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 36 – 2017

To: All RTBU NSW ARTC Infrastructure Members,

ARTC management have ended their silence and contacted your RTBU team to recommence negotiations for your new enterprise agreement. The date of the next meeting is Wednesday, 9th August 2017.

Your bargaining representatives are hopeful that ARTC are finally ready to listen to their employees and make a fair and reasonable offer, considering the company’s proposal was overwhelmingly voted down by their workforce.

Your RTBU team have received reports that in their desperation to sell a sub-standard agreement, management’s behaviour in their depot briefings was hostile and aggressive towards our members. Your negotiating team will be telling management that this type of behaviour is unhelpful and undermines a fair agreement process.

Congratulations again to our staunch delegates, activists and members for the fantastic show of strength and unity in voting down the Agreement and showing ARTC that their sub-standard deal is rejected.

For details on our next steps in winning a good agreement, watch your email for regular updates.


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