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Australia needs a pay rise, but instead we’ve got Cash

Sep 22, 2017Loco Express

***A message from Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary***

Michaelia Cash has built a career attacking working people for big business. Help us get a billboard up in Perth to remind people of that fact.

While she gets paid $350,000 a year, you and I have earned $3 more per year since she got the job.

52% of Australians say they haven’t had a wage rise in the last year. 40% of Australians are in insecure work. And business profits have increased 40%.

Now, the Minister for Employment is coming after your unions. She wants to bring in a new law to give her the power to have a say over who can run your union. And she wants to attack workers’ retirement savings and give them to the big banks.

We’ve got to stop her. And we’ve got a plan. CLICK here to chip in.

This is the Minister who supported cuts to penalty rates for 700,000 Australians. This is the Minister who doesn’t want people to be able to access domestic violence leave.

She’s so keen on attacking workers, she’s even prepared to ignore when one of her own hand-picked ideological cops breaks the law.

Working people don’t deserve this. We need to fight back.

CLICK here to chip in.

We’ve got a plan. Right now in Western Australia, there are a number of MPs who are struggling to hold onto their seat.

If just a small number of people change the way they voted at the Federal Election, Senator Cash will lose her colleagues and the Coalition will lose government.

Western Australia has been hit hard by Minister Cash’s policies of wage cuts and making work more insecure. Wages have flat-lined. Youth unemployment is almost 14%. That’s her legacy.

We want to send a message to people in Western Australia, that Cash is taking your cash.

We’re going to get a giant billboard in one of the most marginal seats so that everyone knows what she’s done.

But we need your help. We need you to chip in $20 so we can afford a giant billboard to tell the voters that Minister Cash is cutting their pay.

We can do this. But not without your support. Chip in $20 now so we can get this billboard up.

Sally McManus

ACTU Secretary


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