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Aurizon stoops to new low

Jul 22, 2016Loco Express

After advertising for train crew at Newcastle last September, a number of Quirindi-based Aurizon employees were told they had been successful and had been given one of the advertised jobs. The manager even phoned to congratulate them and deliver the good news.

Three of the crew agreed to stay back at Quirindi for a while to help the company out while the training of replacements took place. One of the crew planned ahead and relocated his family to Newcastle for the start of the new year.

Unfortunately, things went downhill from here.

Months later, after receiving no official letters but receiving constant assurances, one of the guys affected wrote to Aurizon and asked what was happening and when he could expect to be released. The company then had two of their managers phone each of the affected crew and advise them that the company had changed its mind and withdrawn the appointments.

The RTBU has represented the matter to management however this was to no avail. On this basis, we have lodged the dispute with the Fair Work Commission.

We’ll keep members informed as this unfolds.

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