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Attention PN members

Jun 9, 2017Loco Express

Your RTBU Negotiating Team has been hard at work to get a negotiated outcome which reflects the views of members , and deliver the best deal for you in your new Agreement.

While we still have quite a way to go, we need to start to finalising the wording of the Agreement so it clearly reflects what is being discussed.

Last week, after months of negotiations, PNI said that because we would not agree to their changes, they would remove Attachment Five (DOO Working) from the Agreement. They then threatened to negotiate a separate Agreement that would be worked by Labour-Hire Companies. They seemed to have forgotten that unless we agreed, they do not just have the right to remove something from the Agreement.

Thankfully, sanity prevailed, and the next day and the Company agreed to retaining Attachment 5, and proposed what they claim are a few minor wording changes. At time of writing, we are yet to receive their amended words, but we have made it clear we cannot agree to water down the current provisions on DOO unless the membership have agreed.

Your Union has a detailed Newsflash prepared with all the updates from your Log of Claims, and PN’s responses, which will be sent to members as soon as we get PN’s proposed DOO and other important clauses We have requested this information prior to our next scheduled meeting on the 13th and 14th June. It is important to wait until we get the company’s wording so that you can consider exactly what they are proposing.

PNI has, at this point, declined to support our request to conduct two Depot / Member tours. We remain to conducting two Depot Tours, however, as occurred during the last EA Negotiations, so we can brief you and get your feedback on progress.

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