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Asbestos in S and V Set Trains

Oct 6, 2017Loco Express

Today representatives from the RTBU, AWU, AMWU and ETU including our HSRs met with Sydney and NSW Trains management for the regular Asbestos Management Committee.

At this meeting our team were advised that Asbestos Dust had been discovered in units of S and V set rolling stock.

Sydney Trains continue to tell staff that they believe the presence of Asbestos Dust poses no credible risk as testing to date has shown the amount of Asbestos Dust in the air to be below that of background levels. Our union team hope this is true and that you have not been put at risk.

Until full testing and certification has taken place, we recommend that any member concerned about the safety of working S or V set trains advise their local manager of their concerns. You should request to not be placed in potentially unsafe work environments until such time as Sydney Trains or NSW Trains can provide adequate evidence of safety.

You would be aware of the recent issue of Asbestos Dust being present in C and K set units. With the assistance of SafeWork NSW, an agreed process was developed for inspection, testing and certification each set as “Asbestos Dust Free” via an independent workplace Hygienist.

Our union team say that the same agreed process must be followed for these sets to ensure the safety of Members. The agreed process, supported by SafeWork NSW is as follows;

    •   All units to be inspected, tested, and certified safe by independent Hygienist WSP.
    •   A list of all cars that have been tested and “Certified Safe” to be provided to the Unionsand displayed at all Sign On locations.
    •   Any units found to contain asbestos dust to be dynamically tested to ensure thatsecondary encapsulation controls are effective.
    •   All Crew Compartments to be fitted with Asbestos Warning Labels and “Certified Safe”status labels.
    •   Any units remaining untested will be tested jointly with Hygienists and Union/HSRs.Any Members who feels they may have been exposed to Asbestos should contact their manager to be placed on the Asbestos Register and sent for a medical assessment.

If you have any questions or require more information contact your union.

Asbestos S and V Sets Combined Unions

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