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Asbestos dust/particles found in C and K sets

Jul 9, 2017Loco Express

The Locomotive Division have been made aware of asbestos dust/particles being found in various C and K Sets with the predominate location being in driver’s side Circuit Breaker panels.

We understand that the sample data was for the period between March and June 2017 at both Flemington and Hornsby Maintenance Centres.

As a result the RTBU has formally written to CEO Mr Howard Collins seeking comment and answers to a number of important issues that this information has raised regarding the health and safety of all employees who may have come in contact with panels, including from Train Crew, Fleet Maintenance and Train Presentation.

At the time of writing, we believe Sydney Trains have indicated that the dust poses no issue due to it being contained. Additionally the dust discovered as part of ongoing inspections is being immediately removed according to requirements therefore poses no credible risk. This response is wholly inadequate.

The Locomotive Division is concerned by Sydney Trains’ failure to advise its employees and their Union that dust had been found; regardless of its supposedly “contained” status and it posing “no risk” to employees.

Any Member concerned about the safety of working a C or K set should advise their local manager of their concerns. Members should request to not be placed in work environments of questionable safety until such time as Sydney Trains can provide satisfactory information to allay the concerns of Members.

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