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ARTC Proposal to Introduce 12 Hour Shifts for Network Controllers – Update

Oct 11, 2016Bulletins

Bulletin 42 – 2016

To: ARTC Network Controllers – Broadmeadow

ARTC Management and RTBU Representatives met on Friday 7th October to discuss ARTC’s 12 hour shift proposal.

ARTC advised the proposal was not about 12 hour shifts, but about starting meaningful consultation with the Broadmeadow Network Controllers. ARTC presented an “edited” version of a power point presentation (PPT) which listed the rationale and issues behind their proposal. Note: ARTC have not at this stage provided the unedited version of the PPT.

During the meeting ARTC Management made a point of “trust”, insisting that there were concerns that they (Management) could not trust the Union.  The RTBU voiced our concerns on the failure of ARTC management to properly consult and that their proposal to have Network Controllers work in excess of the 152 hours per 28 day period.

ARTC Management also insisted that not until they had finished discussing their proposal with ALL Network Controllers, would they consider allowing the Union to hold “on site” meetings with Members.

As a sign of our willingness to participate in transparent consultation, the advice in Bulletin 39.16, advising members to respectfully decline meetings with their managers is now withdrawn.

We will be sending a survey to each Network Controller seeking your feedback and thoughts on the ARTC proposal.   It is important that this survey is completed and returned to the RTBU Office for collation and to assist us to provide a full and accurate response.

Members should be aware that during the recently concluded EA negotiations ARTC did not want to address any of the Network Controllers’ log of claims. However, now that the EA negotiations are over and the new EA has been accepted, they want to increase your hours of work.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Robert Hayden

Assistant Branch Secretary – Rail

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