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ARTC NSW EA – Log of Claims Survey

Jan 14, 2019Bulletins

Bulletin: 4/19

To: All RTBU ARTC Infrastructure Members,

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union are once again preparing to negotiate the renewal of the ARTC New South Wales Enterprise Agreement 2016.


This Agreement covers all employees employed by ARTC in NSW who are not Infrastructure Maintainers, Managers or Executive staff.


Unionised Infrastructure Maintenance workers in ARTC last year completed a fight that went on for approximately 2 years. It was a dawn of a new era in ARTC, the rise of solidarity and unionism.

Although it was hard, they knew all they needed to do was stick together.


The fight went on for such a lengthy period of time because ARTC Infrastructure workers stood together and refused multiple times to approve an unfair management agreement that was aimed at attacking their workplace conditions. In the end these workers won their fair agreement and protected their union rights.


The same can occur for all workers covered under this agreement. The last time this agreement was negotiated, little preparation was done, workers were not united, fractures formed and the fight ultimately failed.


This WILL happen again if we don’t change, if we don’t organise and if we don’t get active RIGHT NOW.


I ran the ARTC Infrastructure Maintenance campaign and witnessed 200 workers collectively standing firm and refusing to be ignored by a company hell bent on profits and reducing workplace conditions and now I’m here to assist you in your fight.


Unions are not a spectator sport, they require your participation.


So let’s do this together.


To start, I want all workers, union and non-union to fill out your Log of Claims survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5J6SKKC


Let’s unite and win this!

Issued by: Authorised by:
Luke Hayden


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary


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