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ARTC EU Update – Thank you and next steps

Aug 17, 2016News

Further to yesterday’s newsletter we would like to again thank all the loyal and hardworking delegates and members who stood up to ARTC in an effort to achieve decent wages and conditions. Your actions have demonstrated that the company can no longer sit back and think they have a workforce that will blindly accept the company treating them with contempt as has been the behaviour of recent times. With such a narrow victory the company has no claim to majority support. It now needs to change its behaviour to one that focuses on the great work done by its employees and reward them for doing such a good job.

The Combined Unions have today officially advised the company that all protected action is withdrawn and we again advise members the same. No one should participate in any further action as this would now be considered unlawful action.

Normal work resumes.

The unions will over the next couple of weeks continue with some of the legal matters previously enacted in this dispute.

Members who have had or have their pay reduced for participating in any of the protected bans need to forward their details along with a copy of their pay docket to their local organiser who will refer the matter to their union’s legal or industrial officer for scrutiny. If the deductions from members’ pay are found to be flawed and/or unreasonable, unions can progress the matter to the Fair Work Commission.

It is expected that ARTC will lodge the new EA with Fair Work shortly for validation and certification. This process could take a number of weeks to complete given the Commission’s current schedule.

Again, Members that supported the Protected Actions should take great pride in their efforts and the efforts of their Bargaining Delegates. These last 18 months has been a long and hard slog endeavoring to negotiate with a belligerent and blatantly uncooperative organisation (ARTC), unwilling to even consider basic everyday rights and conditions.

We will update members as matters progress.

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