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ARTC Enterprise Agreement 2015 Log of Claims

Apr 24, 2015Bulletins News

Bulletin 22 – 2015

To: RTBU ARTC Members,

With the ARTC 2015 Enterprise Agreement negotiations now underway members are advised that the Combined Rail Unions have received ARTC’s log of claims.

The Combined Rail Unions held a meeting on Tuesday 21st April to review the member surveys which each Union had requested of their members. The outcome of this meeting was to formulate the Unions’ log of claims, which is still receiving some finetuning before it can be lodged with ARTC.

NOTE: For the members who took the time to complete and submit their survey, thank you.

It is anticipated that the Unions’ log will be ready to provide to ARTC on Tuesday 28th April.

Below is ARTC’s log for the 2015 EA negotiations;

  1. Subject to items 2,3 and 4, we propose to maintain the existing provisions of the ARTC (NSW)

Enterprise Agreement 2012 excluding salary increases

  1. We propose to remove Agreement coverage to all employees whose total remuneration package is greater than or equal to $150,000 (full time equivalent)
  2. Any agreed changes to existing conditions within the Agreement are to be offset by either:
  3. A) Reductions in existing entitlements; or
  4. B) Through identified cost savings and or productivity improvements.
  5. We propose to amend the wording in the Clause 5.2 Personal Leave incorporating Sick Leave and

Carer Leave, to clarify the process that can occur when excessive personal/sick leave has been

taken. That is the ability for ARTC to cease payment for leave taken.

  1. We propose the agreement will have a 3 year term.

The ARTC log look as though they do not want to change anything major in regards to the current enterprise agreement. However it also contains little actual detail and they are not offering any upfront pay increases.

The first EA negotiation meeting will take place on Wednesday, 29th April, at which the Unions will seek further detail and clarity of the ARTC log.

Members will be kept informed of the outcomes of these negotiations.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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