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ARTC EA Update – Semantics?

Aug 9, 2016News

As reported in yesterday’s newsletter, the planned 2 consecutive 1 hour stoppages for today between 2pm and 4pm were withdrawn after the ARTC CEO agreed to talk to your representatives tomorrow (Tuesday) at Newcastle.

Disappointingly it has since been clarified by the ARTC CEO that his agreement to meet does not change the company’s intention to continue with its vote on the enterprise agreement as circulated to employees (the offer that is a reduction on last Decembers offer) and that the meeting is not to negotiate but rather to ‘talk about the CEOs position in regard to the current protect action’.

Regardless of semantics surrounding what the meeting is about, it is an opportunity for your representatives to meet and discuss the issues with the CEO and genuinely attempt to resolve this dispute.

If the ARTC has no intention of this, then this would certainly be an extremely disappointing outcome that will no doubt lead to an escalation of the dispute. In light of the company’s intention to proceed with the offer we must stress the importance of a NO vote.

We urge all members to talk with your fellow members and workers and ensure a resounding NO vote is achieved.

If we lose this vote, then we lose the opportunity to get a fair deal and fix the issues with the current EA for another three years.

Please make sure all your colleagues are aware that we need to stand firm and:

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